Waldorf Without Walls

Waldorf-Inspired Watercolor Painting with Children

By Anita Briggs and Nadia Tan

Step by step instructions and examples for teaching your child to do wet-on-wet painting. Contains 7 color pages of beautiful watercolor paintings, many by children; 32 pages total.

Table of Contents

  • The Changing Consciousness of the Child and Artistic Activity
  • Colors
  • Color moods and temperaments
  • Making colors come alive
    • Color Verses
    • Color Experiments
  • Painting in the Waldorf School
  • Getting Started with Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting
  • Basic Approach
  • Painting Exercises
    • Single Colors
    • Color Pairs
    • Many Colors
    • Seasonal Pictures
    • Silhouettes against an evening sky
    • Animal Series
    • Imagination Series
    • Colored Landscape Patterns
  • Paintings