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Waldorf Education is based on the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Its premise is that the human being has three aspects: thinking, feeling and willing, and that education has to come from experiencing the world from all three aspects. Waldorf Education does not use textbooks. The children make their own based on their experiences.

Waldorf Education is particularly adaptable for Homeschooling the independent, hands-on learner, the child with ADD or ADHD or just the child who is frustrated with the time consuming nature of academic schooling.

Waldorf Homeschooling makes use of real life in the home to construct a meaningful and creative education for your child.

Barbara Dewey at Waldorf Without Walls provides Waldorf Homeschooling curriculum and support, individualized for you and your child, ongoing throughout the year, with unlimited access by phone and e-mail whenever you have a question.

On this site, you can learn more about Waldorf Homeschooling, order books or consulting services, and find out about seminars and other resources.

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Recent Updates:

Taproot Teacher Training | Homeschool Event

Hope you can join us in the SUMMER of 2023 for the 17th annual Taproot Teacher Training!

WHAT: Taproot Teacher Training
WHEN: August 3 -6, 2023
WHERE: Camp Asbury in Hiram, Ohio

Registration is OPEN! Find all the details for Taproot 2023 here and come join us!